Salvador Dalí

Artist: Salvador Dali Domenech (1904- 1989)

The Spanish Surrealist Salvador Dalí was not only a painter but also a writer, poet, theorist, printmaker, designer, editor, sculptor, filmmaker, inventor of objects and installer of exhibitions.

We can divide Dalí's career into three major periods: an early apprenticeship period of the post World War I period, his leadership of the Surrealist movement during the thirties, and his post-Surrealistic stage during the subsequent decades to his death.

Dalí produced memorable works in each of these periods.

Bed, Chair and Bedside Table Ferociously Attacking a Cello
Date: 1983

Enigma of the Rose
Date: 1976

L'Arbre de Vie (The Tree of Life)
Date: 1975

Le cheval de Troie (Trojan Horse)
Date: 1972

Rosa Papillonacea (Butterfly Rose)
Date: 1968

Birth of a Divinity
Date: 1960

Moonlit Landscape with Accompaniment
Date: 1958

Meditative Rose
Date: 1958

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