-- The Only Way --

A song of mine...
(by Blark)
I see someone cry
I hear another scream
Just to try make you really see
What still isn’t lost
But it’s totally distorted


Stop to think
About all you made believe
Nothing can be
Exactly the way you always wish


You can make a choice between
Enslave someone or forgive him
The evil exists only in you
The hell is only our new

P.s.: The excerpt above was written in 2007, during an English Language Course I did in Itajuba. Actually, it's not a poem but a song... The idea was to play a song from any artist, but I decided to write my own song.
Unfortunately, there was no opportunity to perform it...
Anyway, enjoy the lyrics!!!

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Rogério disse...

Hi, there!
Here I am: appreciating your blog.
I told you I would do it as soon as I could.
I do not want to do that in a hurry, for I know there are lots of great and exceptional things in it.
Keep on going! You do write very well and your scripture is pleasant. I do like it. I like things that come from an inner side. From the inner side of all of us. Am I too Shakesperean? I really do not think so.

See you later!
Congratulations one more time!

Matheus disse...

this song is really great, Carol. I would like to see the whole lyric, since you published an excerpt. Tell us more about this song. I am curious.

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