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Self-Access Study and Cooperative Foreign Language Learning through Computers

Prof. Dra. Mariangela BRAGA NORTE
Universidade Estadual Paulista

The purpose of this paper is to show the importance of extra-class study and self instruction in Foreign Language Learning (FLL), especially with the use of computers. Learning is an individual act and the teachers know that the ideal language student is the one that is responsible for his/her self-learning. This research presents two experiences of learning with the computer. The first part deals with autonomous learning and the use of CD-Roms and other software. The second part points out the use of e-mail with the objective of developing comprehension, writing and the amplification of cultural exchange in a cooperative study paradigm. The study followed a qualitative methodology. Data were gathered using the following procedures: interviews with the students involved in the process, students’ diaries, students’ self evaluation sheets, dialogues and teachers’ observation. Results indicate the relevance of the use of computer/internet as a way of improving FL teaching and learning.

KEYWORDS: computer/internet, e-mail, self-access learning, cooperative study.

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